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Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden

Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden is more than just a sport stable. The beautiful location with possibilities to ride outside in the forests, fantastic facilities, and professional clinics on all levels offer plenty of opportunities for you and your horse!

Instruction & Practice arena

The jumping lessons at Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden will be taught by Marleen Meijer. Marleen is very successful in the show jumping sport until 1,50 meters. Moreover, Marleen Meijer is a certified ORUN-all-rounder. Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden features an inside track with Klaas Meijer soil.


The five-star accommodation of Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden is beautifully located in the region of Emmen and provides all facilities you require. It has a Klaas Meijer soil inside track, an all-weather Klaas Meijer soil outside track, an indoor walker, spacious 3 X 3,5 meters boxes, and a lunging circle.


At Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden it is possible to train your horses for the following purposes;  saddle breaking, bringing a young horse out for competitions, educate for a higher level and also possible for international competition standards.

Horses for sale & Mediation

Do you wish to sell your horse but lack time, knowledge or experience? Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden can facilitate the sale of your horse. Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden has acquired a wide network both within the Netherlands as abroad and has years of experience in the sale of horses.


Marleen Meijer Sportpaarden has the possibility to rear your foal or young horse. The circumstances are optimised to advance the development of your foal or young horse in a safe, healthy, and conscious way. The safety, health and well-being of your foal or young horse are of utmost priority for us. 

Horses for sale

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